Leno, Ferguson, Arsenio Hit Road in ‘Kings of Late Night’ Tour

Three former late-night stars — or, apparently, “kings” — are sharing a stage together later this year.

Jay Leno, Craig Ferguson, and Arsenio Hall are presenting a night of standup that’s being billed as the “Kings of Late Night.” The trio will perform at the retro-themed San Diego County Fair on June 21, and again at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA, on September 28.

While some might hesitate to call anyone but Johnny Carson a “king” of the genre, the three comics are certainly some of the biggest names in late-night history.

Leno helmed NBC’s Tonight Show twice — from 1992-2009, and again from 2010-2014.  Ferguson hosted the CBS 12:30 franchise The Late Late Show from 2005-2014, and Hall’s syndicated Arsenio Hall Show ran from 1989-1994, with a short-lived revival between 2013-2014.

While there are only two dates currently on the books, we could see more, as the three comics have hit the road together before. They previously did two dates together last September. Hall will also be appearing with Leno (sans Ferguson) in Wisconsin later this month.

Leno and Hall were once fierce late-night competitors, with Hall famously proclaiming on the cover of Entertainment Weekly that he would “kick Leno’s ass” after Leno was named Johnny Carson’s successor on The Tonight Show.  The two have long since buried the hatchet. As Leno is quoted as saying in promotional materials for The San Diego County Fair, “you can’t stay mad at someone who makes you laugh.”

As for Ferguson, he’s been back in Los Angeles shopping a new late-night series in recent weeks. No word yet on whether he’s got any takers.

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  1. Martin Hawrysko says:

    Jay Leno is touring in Champagne, Ill. and Appleton, Wisc. next weekend (4/13 and 4/14, respectively). Arsenio Hall is billed as a featured guest for both shows.