Don’t Count Jon Stewart Out For a Post-November Run at The Daily Show

It’s probably the second most-asked question in late-night circles after “Is Lorne Michaels retiring?”: Will Jon Stewart stay on at The Daily Show past November?

The comedian, who famously led the show from 1999 to his 2015 retirement, returned as the program’s Monday-night host back in February. At the time, the gig was billed as one that would only last “through the election,” but with his time back at the desk leading to a ratings resurgence for the show, speculation has grown that he might stick around longer.

Based on what Stewart said during a recent taping, it seems he might enjoy being there as much as Comedy Central is enjoying having him.

Asked by an audience member how happy he was to be back, Stewart reflected on how the weekly hosting stint has gone for him so far — but not before mocking the light workload his current schedule allows him. “I don’t know if any of you have ever had to slog it out one day a week like this,” he riffed.

“No… I have to say, it’s been lovely,” continued Stewart.

“I have been in hibernation for a few years with my family — and I would never give that up. It’s been wonderful,” he said. “COVID played very much into my social leanings, in terms of reclusiveness.”

Still, he hinted that his current schedule with the show might just have legs.

“Once a week is about right—for me with people, and for people with me.”

Watch the full exchange below:

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