The Daily Show to Hit the Road This Summer

Comedy Central’s The Daily Show is on the move.

Add Jon Stewart and team to the list of media personalities set to descend on Milwaukee and Chicago to cover both the Republicans and the Democrats at their respective political conventions.

As Variety reports, The Daily Show will spend several weeks on the road in the coming months, covering this year’s presidential campaign from both conventions as well as several key battleground states. 

For the week of July 15, “The Best F*cking News Team on Television” will be in Milwaukee, broadcasting live from the Republican National Convention. A month later, beginning on August 19, the show will be in Chicago for the Democratic National Convention. (Earlier this month, The Daily Show alum Stephen Colbert announced his own plans to bring The Late Show to the Windy City for the DNC.)

But those won’t be The Daily Show’s only road trips this year. As the Comedy Central series  continues its coverage of the political déjà vu that the 2024 presidential election looks very much on track to be, they’ll also head to Washington, D.C. as well as Georgia, Florida, Ohio, and Illinois—states that could help decide the upcoming race.

According to Variety, “The extent of Stewart’s involvement at the two conventions has not yet been determined.” But it’s safe to assume his Monday night hosting gigs will take place on location–and that the show’s larger team of correspondents-turned-guest hosts will also spend some time reporting on the ground.

Stewart’s return to The Daily Show—both as a weekly guest host and executive producer—has been a ratings bonanza for the series, with even the show’s Tuesday through Thursday broadcasts seeing increased viewership in recent months.

Covering the political conventions is a longtime tradition at The Daily Show. The show first followed the political action in 2000—in Stewart’s original heyday as host. That year, they were in Los Angeles when Al Gore won the democratic nomination, and in Philadelphia where George W. Bush received the Republican seal of approval.

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