Take a ‘Day Drinking With Seth Meyers’ Inspired Bar Crawl Through NYC

Just because you’re not the Emmy-winning host of a hit late-night TV show doesn’t mean you can’t drink like one. Since 2015, Seth Meyers has made a habit of taking his show on the road—sometimes right across the street from his studio—and getting tipsy (ok, often downright shitfaced) on the job to go “Day Drinking.”

Over the years, Meyers has roped everyone from his mom to Kristen Stewart into joining him for the popular segment. If you want to follow in his footsteps (minus the Oscar-nominated actor or Grammy-winning artist as your partner in crime), here’s a complete rundown of all places that have lured the Late Night host from behind his desk to behind their bars to do some “Day Drinking.”

Pig ‘N’ Whistle Public House (pigpubnyc.com)
58 West 48th Street, Manhattan
Seen in “Seth Gets Drunk on St. Patricks Day”

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Fans of chronology should kick off their day-drinking adventure in the spot where it all began: the famed Pig ‘N’ Whistle, which has been a destination for Midtown revelers for more than half-a-century (it opened in 1969), and for Meyers back in 2015. 

Seth drank with some of his crew for St. Patrick’s Day, and basically got drunk alone. If you want a truly authentic experience, you could ask for what Meyers jokingly called his favorite drink: “A Leprechaun in the Vineyard”—or a shot glass of Jameson’s dropped into a glass of Chardonnay (no, it’s not real). Just remember his official review of the concoction: “Oh, it’s really bad.”

The Waylon (thewaylon.com)
736 10th Avenue, Manhattan
Seen in: “Seth and Post Malone Go Day Drinking”

Just three blocks south of the Pig ‘N’ Whistle is The Waylon, a Texas-inspired country saloon known for its live music, Southern-style grub, and unique cocktails including a pickle martini (which can be served spicy). It was certainly an appropriate venue for Meyers to meet up with Texas-raised rapper Post Malone and create a line of drinks inspired by the singer’s many tattoos.

Ultimately, however, it was a glass of ​​Maison No. 9, Malone’s very own brand of rosé, that scored the highest grades during this outing. And yes, you will find it on the menu. (What you won’t find online is video of Seth and Post Malone’s day-drinking session. For unexplained reasons, it was pulled down.)

Valerie (valerienewyorkcity.com)
45 W. 45th Street, Manhattan
Seen in: “Seth and Lizzo Go Day Drinking”

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About a mile east of The Waylon is Valerie, where Seth and Lizzo had a blast drinking their faces off just before Christmas 2022. While any good day drinking sesh usually starts off by chugging a beer, Meyers instead paid tribute to his guest of honor by taking shots of tequila from a “shot flute.” While you won’t find that particular instrument on display (or on the menu) at Valerie, you will be offered dozens of signature cocktails, including a variety of G&Ts (their specialty).

Barcade (barcade.com)
388 Union Avenue, Brooklyn
Seen in: “Seth and Josh Meyers Go Day Drinking in Brooklyn”

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In June 2015, just three months after Seth’s inaugural televised drinking journey to Manhattan’s Pig ‘N’ Whistle, he enlisted the help of his brother Josh to hit up some of Brooklyn’s hotspots, including Barcade. With its massive collection of classic arcade games and pinball machines, it’s a venue tailor-made for a pair of competitive brothers who grew up in the ‘80s.

In addition to Josh sharing some embarrassing stories about his brother (including the drunkest he has ever seen the host) and some other family memories, the pair was eventually joined by their dad, who has a penchant for what their mom deems “girly” drinks. While mom Hillary wasn’t invited on this guys-only outing, all three agreed that she could drink them all under the table.

Hillary joined Seth a few months later in a different Day Drinking installment where she and Seth visited the now defunct French eatery Brasserie Les Halles (411 Park Ave S in Manhattan). True to her reputation as the most impressive drinker in the Meyers household, Hillary declared champagne “child’s play” and quickly moved on to the harder stuff.

The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club (royalpalmsbrooklyn.com)
514 Union Street, Brooklyn
Seen in: “Seth and the Jonas Brothers Go Day Drinking”

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Speaking of brothers: Just before COVID hit, Seth hosted what he didn’t know would be his last-for-a-while day drinking session featuring the Jonas Brothers—Joe, Nick, and Kevin—at this Brooklyn shuffleboard club. Since he was feeling wildly outnumbered, Seth brought along his own brother Josh and his “brother in case of emergency” Jack McBrayer. 

While the brothers’ adventures saw them drinking from baby bottles, you’d be wiser to stick with one of the club’s signature cocktails, like the Shuffleboard Bob—a refreshing mix of gin, coconut water, lime, cucumber, and bitters. There’s also an impressive selection of mocktails, from a non-alcoholic IPA to a “phony” negroni. But the real draw here is the shuffleboard which, according to the club, “takes two minutes to learn and a lifetime to master.” Which means you’ll know your tangs (cues) from your biscuits (baskets) in no time.

Ascent Lounge (ascentloungenyc.com)
10 Columbus Circle, 4th Floor, Manhattan
Seen in “Seth and Retta Go Day Drinking”

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In January 2017, for Meyers’ very first non-family-member celebrity outing, he met up with comedian and actress Retta at the opulent Ascent Lounge, where they kicked off the day with a shot, followed by a bit of champagne-drinking and toasting the new year. 

When Meyers decided the bubbly wasn’t cutting it, the two created a few libations based on such popular TV shows as The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and The Big Bang Theory, which was basically a rum and Diet Coke—served in the bottle—with a Mentos dropped in at the last minute for a cocktail explosion. Meyers review of the drink: “Bazinga!”

Boxers NYC (boxersnyc.com)
37 W. 20th Street, Manhattan
Seen in “Seth and Kristen Stewart Go Day Drinking”

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For the most recent edition of “Day Drinking,” Meyers and Kristen Stewart headed to the Chelsea outpost of Boxers NYC, which proclaims itself “America’s gay sports bar.” While Meyers admitted he had never seen a Twilight movie and didn’t want Stewart to ruin them for him, he couldn’t resist making a vampire-themed cocktail that included Bloody Mary mix and raw garlic, and which he mixed with a wooden stake. But in honor of the Oscar nominee’s many indie roles, he also served up a 40 in a paper bag, or what he called “The Independent Film.” 

Peter McManus Cafe (mcmanus.nyc)
152 Seventh Avenue, New York City
Seen in “Seth and Will Forte Go Day Drinking”

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Just a little over a block away from Boxers is Peter McManus Cafe, the quintessential neighborhood pub and one of New York’s oldest family-owned and operated bars, which has held court on the corner of 19th Street and Seventh Avenue for nearly 90 years. That “family” history is befitting, given that it was the site of what was undoubtedly one of the most intimate episodes of “Day Drinking”: The time Meyers met up with his former SNL castmate Will Forte. 

The duo kicked off the festivities with the MacGruber Game: Forte pulled out the names of various ingredients, which he then had to fashion into a cocktail in 30 seconds or less. It later evolved into the revelation that Forte is a terrible impressionist, but is unmatched in his ability to make his co-stars break—which the two friends put to the test.

The Corner Bistro (cornerbistrony.com)
331 W. 4th Street, Manhattan
Seen in “Seth and Ina Garten Go Day Drinking”

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Billing itself as “the last” of the West Village’s true bohemian bars, if you want to properly honor Seth’s 2019 day drinking date with Ina Garten, make sure to order at least one whiskey sour—Garten’s preferred libation. While The Barefoot Contessa can class up any joint, just know that The Corner Bistro is better known for its selection of belly-filling burgers and beers. 

You can’t currently drink there, but if you want to visit the site of yet another Day Drinking queen, head four blocks west upon exiting The Corner Bistro and you’ll find yourself at The Jane Hotel, the site of Seth’s memorable outing with Rihanna. Part of the hotel and all of its dining spaces are currently undergoing massive renovations, but they’re expected to reopen sometime in 2025.

Top of the Standard (closed)
848 Washington St, Manhattan
Seen in: “Seth and Kelly Clarkson Go Day Drinking”

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Though it’s currently only open for private events, the Top of the Standard (now known as “Boom“) was the scenic location 18 floors above the meatpacking district where Seth Meyers welcomed Kelly Clarkson to the Day Drinking Club.

It was there, after a few drinks, that Seth Meyers gave Clarkson the cognitive test that Donald Trump’s doctor administered to assess mild cognitive impairment or early dementia , and where Meyers serenaded Clarkson with a drunken (and disturbingly off-key) rendition of “Since You’ve Been Gone.”

Studio 151 (studioonefiftyone.com)
151 Loisaida Avenue, Manhattan
Seen in “Seth and Dua Lipa Go Day Drinking”

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If you’ve only got time for a short bit of imbibing, you might want to do it at Studio 151—a clandestine East Village omakase bar that’s as much about the food as it is in the music. The space is inspired by the listening bars found throughout Japan. There’s always a jukebox and typically a DJ at night. All of which made it a great place for Seth to invite music powerhouse Dua Lipa—until the “Training Season” singer cried mercy. 

In a sit-down interview shortly after their drinking excursion, Meyers explained how Lipa went to the restroom at one point… and never came back. After explaining that she was happy that she gets “to live another day” after the experience, the singer explained that she simply decided to take a nap on the floor of the restaurant’s bathroom. She made up for the party foul, however, when she and Seth took a shot from a Barbie Dreamhouse and got matching tattoos on air. Consider yourself warned.

Zero Bond (zerobondny.com)
0 Bond Street, New York City
Seen in “Seth and Lorde Go Day Drinking”

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Seth’s first post-COVID drinking fest was a special occasion, so he made sure to do it with a special guest (New Zealand singer-songwriter Lorde) at a special place (Zero Bond). We saved this spot for last because actually getting in is going to be the real challenge: the NoHo hotspot is a members-only club that maintains a strict anonymity policy in terms of its members. But everyone from Elon Musk to Kim Kardashian has been spotted there, so you do the math. (And we mean that: though the actual admission fee depends on a few things—most importantly, your age—you can expect to drop a cool $1,000 to $5,000 just to join plus another $2,000 to $4,000 per year to maintain that status. 

As far as what you’ll find inside: We’ll look forward to you telling us!

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