Jon Stewart Thursdays? The Daily Show Shares Live Convention Coverage Plans

The Daily Show’s plans for its summer road trips are coming into focus—and they include more live shows and more Jon Stewart.

In April, Comedy Central announced the show would take to the road in the lead-up to this year’s presidential election, including a week of shows from Milwaukee for the Republican National Convention in July and another week from Chicago for the Democratic National Convention in August.

What wasn’t known at the time was to what extent (if any) Stewart would be involved. Since returning as part-time host and executive producer in February, Stewart has been leading the show’s Monday episodes, while Tuesday through Thursday episodes have been hosted by a weekly rotation of the show’s correspondents.

For the conventions, Stewart will move to Thursdays, taking the reins for the final night of each of these road trips. He’ll host as the RNC wraps up on July 18, and again when the DNC ends on August 22—and in both cases, he’ll do it live, shortly after Donald Trump and Joe Biden (presumably) accept their respective party’s nominations in their own live televised speeches. Tickets for the Milwaukee shows, which will take place at the Marcus Performing Arts Center, as well as the Chicago dates (the venue has yet to be announced) are available now.

Comedy Central says the TDS News Team will share hosting duties Monday through Wednesday during those convention weeks.

The Daily Show isn’t the only show going live for the conventions. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert will cover the RNC live from its New York City studio at the Ed Sullivan Theater. Colbert will also broadcast from Chicago the week of the DNC (here’s how to get free tickets).

As we recently reported, Stewart and The Daily Show will also be going live after each of the two announced presidential debates, on Thursday, June 27 and Tuesday, September 10.

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