Stephen Colbert Is Taking The Late Show to Chicago for the DNC

Stephen Colbert is hitting the road.

The Late Show host announced Wednesday night that he’s packing up his desk and suits and making his way to Chicago the week of August 19, where he’ll broadcast his show from The Windy City’s famed Auditorium Theater—a landmark venue that first opened its doors in 1889 and is “so creatively named,” joked Colbert. 

Of course, the timing of Colbert’s road trip is important, as it just happens to coincide with the Democratic National Convention. 

“It should be a fun time,” said Colbert. “Historically, all the democratic conventions in Chicago have gone super smooth.” The show then cut to a photo of the 1968 DNC, during which an estimated 10,000 Vietnam War protestors faced off against more than 20,000 police and National Guardsmen, resulting in hundreds of injuries.

Still, the host seemed overjoyed at the prospect of being so close to all the political action, and getting a chance to visit his old stomping grounds. 

“Some of you may know I lived in Chicago for 11 years, and it holds a special place in my heart,” Colbert explained. “And not just because of all the Polish sausage that’s still lodged in my aorta.”

“Chicago’s where I cut my comedy teeth performing at The Second City, and it’s also where this South Carolina boy got an education in winter,” Colbert continued. “Did you know that tears can freeze?”

Fortunately for Colbert, the August timing of the event means that frozen tears shouldn’t be a problem (whether the same can be said for regular tears remains to be seen). 

“So get ready, Chicago,” Colbert warned. “Because this summer it’s the return of Daaaaa Colbert!”

August’s Chicago trip will mark the first time Colbert has taken The Late Show on the road since he began hosting the show in 2015.

Colbert and team will also be covering the Republican National Convention taking place in Milwaukee, albeit from a distance. The Late Show is planning to broadcast live from its homebase at New York’s Ed Sullivan Theatre Monday July 15th through Thursday, July 18, 2024. 

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