Jon Stewart to Host Daily Show Live After Presidential Debates

Jon Stewart is expanding his schedule at The Daily Show—on two occasions, at least.

Stewart is planning to host two live episodes of TDS following this summer’s scheduled presidential debates.

President Biden will square off against former President Trump first on Tuesday, June 27, then again on Tuesday, September 10. Stewart will provide the show’s usual “Indecision 2024” coverage following both of the debates.

Beyond the two live episodes, The Daily Show will take the show on the road for both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions in the coming months. 

“The Best F*cking News Team on Television” will head to Milwaukee for the RNC from July 15-18, and to Chicago  for the DNC from August 19-22.

While previous host Trevor Noah did live presidential debate coverage episodes in 2016, the show was unable to do so in 2020 amid the COVID pandemic.

It’s unclear if the Stewart-hosted debate episodes will be in addition to his Monday-night shows those weeks, or if he’ll rearrange his schedule. He has changed up his schedule on one other occasion this year, hosting Thursday instead of Monday for the week of May 6, when he was in Los Angeles for the Netflix Is a Joke Fest—and guested on both Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Everybody’s in LA.

In recent days, Stewart has hinted that he might be willing to stay with The Daily Show past his initially planned November endpoint, saying he feels “reinvigorated.”

In addition to his Monday-night gig at TDS, Stewart just launched a new weekly podcast for Comedy Central titled The Weekly Show.

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