Now Open: Ticket Requests for Colbert’s DNC Shows in Chicago

August is going to be a great month for late-night fans in the Chicago area. Days after The Daily Show opened up ticket requests for its shows in the Windy City, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is doing the same.

On Monday night, Colbert announced on his show that tickets are now available for his week of shows in Chicago, which will be held at the historic Auditorium Theatre.

Like The Daily Show, The Late Show is heading to the midwest for four shows—August 19 through August 22—to cover the Democratic National Convention.

“Joe goes to the Windy City,” Colbert teased of the president’s upcoming travels. “The City of Broad Shoulders meets the Candidate of Hollow Bones.” (Proving, yet again, that even the most boldly partisan hosts won’t hesitate to take a good-natured swipe at their preferred candidate if the joke is right in front of them.)

Colbert’s week of Chicago shows was announced back in April. “Some of you may know I lived in Chicago for 11 years, and it holds a special place in my heart,” he said at the time. “And not just because of all the Polish sausage that’s still lodged in my aorta.”

“So get ready, Chicago,” he added. “Because this summer it’s the return of Daaaaa Colbert!”

Tickets can be requested at this link via ticketing partner 1iota. Each taping has a listed start time of 7 pm CT, and requires all attendees to be at least 16 years old. (The Daily Show tapings are listed as 4 pm ET, for ages 18+.)

Currently, this will be the only chance to see The Late Show on the road this year. Unlike Stewart, Colbert will not be taking his show to Milwaukee for the Republican National Convention in July.

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