Seth Meyers to Visit Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tonight

In case we needed yet one more reminder that the late-night wars of old have long since passed the Armistice stage, ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel is set to welcome NBC’s Seth Meyers to his late-night program tonight.

While it’ll be Meyers’ first visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live!, by now the two late-night hosts are well-acquainted. Together they were two-fifths of last year’s Strike Force Five podcast, where (along with Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, and John Oliver) they helped raise funds for their staff during the WGA strike.

Separately, the two hosts have also both released children’s books in recent years, memorably joining forces to help promote each others books.

Meyers, who’s on a two week break from Late Night, has plenty of projects to promote beyond his own show.

He recently produced the Peacock documentary Good One: A Show About Jokes, which follows follows comedian Mike Birbiglia on the road as he builds a new comedy set.

Meyers also co-hosts the podcast “Family Trips With the Meyers Brothers,” alongside his brother Josh, who has impersonated California Governor Gavin Newsom in appearances on both Kimmel’s and Meyers’ late-night shows.

And just last week, Meyers launched a new podcast with his old SNL colleagues The Lonely Island in which they’ll be watching and discussing each of the trio’s 106 SNL Digital shorts.

Later this spring will see Meyers, who frequently plays weekend standup dates, tape a new comedy special at Chicago’s Vic Theatre.

We’ll see whether Meyers takes the opportunity to crow about his recent triumph over Kimmel in LateNighter’s laughs-per-minute challenge, but here’s hoping.

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  1. craig says:

    “I always feel like it’s unsettling to watch a talk show host as a guest on a different talk show,” Meyers said. “It’s like seeing your doctor go to another doctor. You’re like ‘Why don’t you know why you’re sick?’” Why was this cut from the show?