Kamala Harris Postpones Jimmy Kimmel Visit

She was scheduled to sit down with Jimmy Kimmel Tuesday night, but with official business cutting her trip to Los Angeles short, Kamala Harris is giving the ABC late-night host a rain check instead

It wasn’t immediately clear why is Harris headed back to Washington ahead of schedule, but insiders say her interview with Kimmel will be rescheduled for a later date.

Announced just last Thursday, Tuesday’s visit with Kimmel would have been Harris’ first as vice president. She previously appeared on the show twice during her 2020 presidential run.

With the situation in the Middle East escalating over the weekend after Iran carried out its first-ever strikes against Israel, it’s possible The White House and/or the Biden campaign simply decided now isn’t the right time for the VP to appear on a late-night show.

It was just a few weeks back that President Biden himself faced cricism for answering reporters questions while out for ice cream with another late-night host, Seth Meyers.

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