Jimmy Kimmel to Host VP Kamala Harris on Tuesday, April 16

ABC announced Thursday that Vice President Kamala Harris will appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this coming Tuesday, April 16.

VP Harris and Kimmel are not strangers, this will be her third appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The previous two occurred during her 2020 Presidential run, in March and July 2019, respectively.

Harris’ sit-down with Kimmel will represent her first appearance on a late-night show since March 16, 2023, when she appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

It’s become clear that late night is now a preferred destination for top government officials in 2024. The VP’s upcoming appearance on Kimmel comes several weeks after Seth Meyers hosted President Biden for Late Night’s’ 10th anniversary show. Stephen Colbert sat down with Presidents Biden, Obama and Clinton last month at a New York fundraiser which ended up hauling in a reported $26 million for the Biden reelection campaign.

Perhaps President Biden or VP Harris will stop by The Tonight Show in the coming months. Biden and Jimmy Fallon already have an amusing dynamic. Fallon mocked a TikTok video Biden made in February at around Super Bowl time, and POTUS promptly responded to The Tonight Show host with another video, during which he dinged Fallon’s ratings.

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