Trump, Kimmel Exchange New Barbs

It wasn’t immediately clear what provoked it, but former President Trump lashed out (again) at Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday, apparently conflating the late-night host with… Al Pacino?

Trump began his Wednesday morning screed with a mammoth run-on sentence that wrongly stated that ratings for this year’s Kimmel-hosted Academy Awards were down (they wern’t), and that Kimmel had announced this year’s Best Picture winner (he didnt).

Kimmel tweeted out his own response a few hours later, saying simply, “in fairness to our former President, many stable geniuses confuse me with Al Pacino…”

Trump, who’s currently in New York City for jury selection in the first of several criminal trials being brought against him, appears to still be seething over Kimmel’s joke that preceded Al Pacino’s presentation of Best Picture at this year’s Oscars.

With the show unexpectedly running short, Kimmel decided to read a just-posted negative “review” of his hosting performance that turned out to be from Trump. Turning to the camera and addressing the former president directly, Kimmel replied: “Thank you, President Trump. Thank you for watching. I’m surprised you’re still up… isn’t it past your jail time?”

It’s true that Kimmel’s wife and creative collaborator Molly McNearney advised him not to read Trump’s post. She later said she was glad he did, as his response scored the night’s biggest laugh.

Kimmel will almost definitely address his latest run-in with the former president on his show tonight.

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  1. Howie Geewhiz says:

    What I’ll never understand is who can look or listen to Trump and *not* see right through him in the first few seconds, that he’s false in every way (Hair. Tan. Smile.) and that you can’t trust anything he says. That the *only* subject that interests him is himself? Have you ever heard a real genius declare they’re a genius? Of course not bc other people will testify to it. Has anyone ever called Trump a genius other than Trump? Have you *ever* heard Trump expound cogently and intelligently using real facts on any topic? If you have find it and post it bc I’m convinced Trump has no specific knowledge or intellectual acumen about anything. Final question, how are so many people taken in by this thoroughly malevolent con artist?