The Stories We Missed: Fallon’s Oscar Congrats, SNL 1975 Set Pics, Andy Cohen Called Out

We aim to be a one-stop shop for late-night TV, but sometimes stories fall through the cracks. Here are the late-night news items we didn’t get to this week:

Wrong Jimmy
Tuesday morning on The View, Joy Behar confessed that she sent the wrong Jimmy a congratulations text for doing such a stellar job hosting the Oscars. “Did he respond,” her co-hosts asked? “No.” [ The View ]

Good Sport
After SNL’s much-talked about send-up of Alabama Senator Katie Britt, Jenna Bush Hager recalled watching Will Ferrell’s George W. Bush SNL impression with her father while he was president. She said he thought it was hilarious. [ Today ]

First Look
New York paparazzi snapped some photos at 30 Rock while Jason Reitman’s SNL 1975 movie was shooting on location, giving us our first glimpses of Gabriel LaBelle (The Fabelmans) playing Lorne Michaels and Nicholas Braun (Succession) seemingly dressed as Andy Kaufman (although it was announced this week that he’ll be playing Jim Henson — make of that what you will).  Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things) was also photographed on set playing an NBC page. [ Getty Images ]

No more lawsuits, please
Andy Cohen got called out on his own show Wednesday night by his ex-boyfriend John Hill. Hill, who still works with Cohen, was in the studio when the Watch What Happens Live host revealed that his go-to karaoke song is John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High. “You stole it from me but it’s yours now,” Hill joked. Cohen quickly fessed up, saying “I did steal that from you, oh my god. Wow.” [ Decider ]

Terrified (Part 1)
Sydney Sweeney was at South By Southwest this week, where she confessed that her SNL hosting debut was “terrifying,” before adding “I think it’s important to do things that scare you.”  [ Deadline

Terrified (Pt 2)
Seth Meyers said he was terrified himself when David Letterman guested on his show, telling Paul Rudd Thursday night, “you know the thing he wants the least is for you to be like ‘I’m a huge fan.’ Like, that, he would run away. And so, it was just like, ‘Just be normal.’ Like, having to tell yourself the whole time, just be normal.” [ The Wrap ]

Colin Jost and Michael Che gave a joint interview to Travel & Leisure magazine of all places, where they shared their tips for visiting Rockefeller Center. Che’s advice? “Don’t go during Christmas time.” Wiser words have never been spoken. [ Travel & Leisure ]

Meet your maker
Kenan Thompson guested on King Charles, the CNN series hosted by Gayle King and Charles Barkley. Thompson, who has played Barkley on SNL nearly two dozen times, described  impersonating the NBA legend: “you have a very specific tone.. It’s very southern baritonal.” Barkley called Thompson’s impression “a tremendous compliment.” [ CNN ]  

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