LateNighters Pay Tribute to Richard Lewis

Both Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel took some time on their shows Wednesday night to mark the passing of comedian and actor Richard Lewis.

Lewis, who died Tuesday from a heart attack, was a late night favorite, appearing on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson 22 times and on David Letterman’s two late-night shows a whopping 56 times.

Reacting to his death, Fallon called Lewis “one of the greatest comedians to ever do it,” calling out the late comic’s 1990 HBO special I’m Doomed as an early inspiration.

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Kimmel, meanwhile, reflected on Lewis with his guest Bob Odenkirk, calling him “one of the best” and “such a wonderfully lovely person.”

For his part, Odenkirk remembered Lewis as an originator of confessional comedy, saying “we always have him to thank for that very personal comedy that he blazed the trail of.”

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