Whoopi Goldberg Says Seth Meyers Has the Best Toilets in Late Night

This year’s Emmy nominations are right around the corner, but Seth Meyers has already received one of the greatest accolades possible.

On Wednesday’s episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers, Whoopi Goldberg declared that Meyers’ studio has the most “wonderful” toilets in all of late night television. Talk about high praise.

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“I find that most of the toilets in bathrooms around the country are down here,” The View host said, gesturing down to the floor. “I can’t get down there. The toilet here—I walked in, I just kind of backed up, I did what I needed to do. And I was so excited. I wanted to tell somebody, but there was nobody else in there with me. But it was wonderful.”

“If you’re under a certain age, it’s not bothering you yet, because you can get up and get down,” the 68-year-old comedian continued. “But when you find that first time, when you think, ‘What the [bleep]?’ Because suddenly your knees, the back of your knees are going, ‘Stand up.’ It’s horrifying.”

“But I just want to say thank you for that,” she added to the Late Night host as he laughed. “Because that’s wonderful.”

During her segment, Goldberg also discussed meeting Pope Francis twice in one year. In June, the Pope hosted over 100 comedians at the Vatican—including Goldberg, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, and Conan O’Brien—in pursuit of spreading humor and joy. 

“You know who else wants to say thank you to you?” Meyers responded. “The Pope, because you went right from him and transitioned into that story.”

 “But [Pope Francis] would love it,” Goldberg insisted, and Meyers quickly agreed.

So there you have it. If the Emmys ever add a “best toilet” category, Late Night With Seth Meyers is a shoo-in. That is, if Whoopi Goldberg (and perhaps the Pope) has anything to say about it.

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