Heidi Gardner’s Favorite Lost SNL Sketch Had Adam Sandler and Exploding Body Parts

File this away as another Saturday Night Live sketch that never was.

In a new interview with the Los Angeles Times, SNL cast member Heidi Gardner was asked to name her favorite SNL sketch that never made it to air. Her answer involved Adam Sandler and some cosmetic surgery gone wrong.

“I did this one where Adam Sandler was my husband, and he was just returning home from getting calf implants,” Gardner recalled. “I was throwing him a ‘Welcome Back Home’ surprise party with all of his friends, and then his calf implants burst.”

Sandler, who was a cast member from 1990 to 1995, returned to Studio 8H as host on May 4, 2019—Gardner’s second season on the show.

While Gardner’s big sketch with him was cut, the two briefly shared the screen in another sketch that night: the commercial parody “Rectix.”

But it wasn’t a total loss for Gardner. She went on to appear with Sandler in the 2022 sports drama Hustle. The following year, she voiced a character in the animated film Leo, which Sandler starred in and wrote.

It seems as if Gardner is grateful for her time at SNL, regardless of what gets cut. This is in part thanks to some wisdom from Kristen Wiig. When asked about the best advice she has received from previous cast members, Gardner told the Los Angeles Times how Wiig encouraged her to “legitimately savor every day there. Because you are only there for so long, and it’s such a special place to be a part of. And I try to do that now—just, like, really savor where I’m at.”

The outlet also asked Gardner to describe her show-day ritual. “I like to take a walk before work,” she said. “Lately I’ve been doing cold plunges, and I like to get a cappuccino around 3:00.”

It may sound simple, but it’s clearly working for Gardner—who recently made it clear that she’ll be sticking around for the show’s upcoming 50th season.

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