Heidi Gardner Is Sticking Around for SNL’s 50th Season

With the end of each season of Saturday Night Live comes rampant speculation about which cast members will return in the fall, but Heidi Gardner is offering clarity on her future.

After Gardner appeared to be tearing up during the goodnights at last week’s penultimate episode, there was speculation among some fans that this coming week might be her last, but in a new interview with goldderby.com, she made it clear that she intends to stick around.

“Every year I’m there, I try to get more present and more aware of how amazing this time in my life is,” she told interviewer Matt Dixon, “and I think I just really want to be in the moment next season.”

Gardner also revealed which former cast members she’d be most excited to meet at the SNL50 primetime special, which is set to air in the middle of next season. “I’ve never met Andy Samberg. I’d really like to meet him. I’ve never met Mike Meyers. That would be really, really cool.”

“When I hear ‘You’re on the cast when it’s gonna be the 50th season,’” she told Dixon, “it doesn’t make sense or sound real.”

Gardner joined the show in 2017 and recently became the 29th cast member to appear in 500 sketches. She wraps up her sixth year at SNL at this weekend’s season finale, with host Jake Gyllenhaal and musical guest Sabrina Carpenter.

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