Want to Be Ramy Youssef’s SNL Stand-In? Here’s Your Chance.

If you happen to look like Ramy Youssef and are available to work this Friday and Saturday, you may be just what Saturday Night Live is looking for.

Youseff is set to make his SNL hosting debut this weekend alongside musical guest Travis Scott.

Although the casting notice posted to Backstage Magazine doesn’t mention Youssef by name, it’s hard to imagine the show looking to cast a stand-in for anyone else on March 29th and 30th who happens to be a 5’9 male of Middle Eastern descent.

The role of a stand-in in TV and film isn’t exactly glamorous. Basically you’re asked to serve as a double for a principal actor during rehearsals, camera blocking, and lighting setups.

The job pays $372, or $31 an hour for a total of around twelve hours work.

Youssef is the fourth standup comic to host SNL this season. He’s also a Golden Globe winner for his Hulu comedy Ramy, and appears alongside Emma Stone in the Oscar nominated film Poor Things. His latest comedy special, Ramy Youssef: More Feelings, premiered March 23rd on Max.

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