Seth Meyers Says He’d ‘Bet the House’ Lorne Michaels Will Still Be at SNL in 5 Years

He’s one of two people most often named as a possible successor to Lorne Michaels at Saturday Night Live, but Seth Meyers doesn’t think that day is coming any time soon.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter published Monday to coincide with tonight’s 10th anniversary episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers, the late-night host pooh-poohed talk that SNL’s creator and executive producer might step down after the show’s 50th anniversary next year.

“I wish FanDuel had odds for ‘Will Lorne Michaels be in charge on the 55th,’ Meyers told THR. “I would bet the house that Lorne will still be running that place in five years. That is the most appropriate outcome that makes the most sense to me.”

The 79 year-old Michaels, who’s been at the helm of SNL for all but five of its 49-years, has given mixed messages regarding his retirement plans (or lack thereof). In 2021, he told CBS Mornings that he was committed to the show through its 50th anniversary, saying “I’d like to see that through, and I have a feeling that’d be a really good time to leave.”

Michaels has since backtracked, saying he has “no plans” to retire.

That hasn’t stopped rampant speculation about who might replace him on the show when the time comes, whether it be at the end of next year’s Season 50 or at some other point down the line.

The two names that most frequently pop up? Tina Fey and Seth Meyers. Asked by The Hollywood Reporter to respond, Meyers said, “It is incredibly flattering every time I hear somebody say that about me. It makes it even more flattering when people mention Tina’s name.”

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