Sarah Sherman’s Severed Head Prop Is an SNL Season 49 MVP

You may want to take LateNighter’s Saturday Night Live screen time reports for Sarah Sherman with a grain of salt, since some of her time this season could be attributed to a recurring guest star: her fake severed head.

As Sherman pointed out in an Instagram post this week, she was decapitated twice on the show this season.

In the post, (the real) Sherman can be seen posing alongside the model of her head. Also included is a photo of the prop head atop the muscular torso she wore in this season’s “Gym Call” sketch (alongside a photobomb by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog).

Sherman’s first beheading came in a pre-taped sketch last November with host Jason Momoa, who knocked off the head of Sherman’s tennis player character Charna Lee Diamond with a particularly strong serve.

History repeated itself in this past weekend’s season finale when Sherman appeared in a pre-taped Scooby-Doo parody that devolves into a bloodbath, with Sherman’s Velma clotheslining herself on a piano wire as she runs for help.

It seems SNL’s effects team was able to repurpose the head from the tennis sketch for Sherman’s second cranial severing.

One imagines that the team at SNL will want to keep Sherman’s duplicate head on hand for potential future sketches—but if they don’t, it would fit right in in Sherman’s dressing room.

Sherman—also known as Sarah Squirm—joined SNL in 2021.

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