Inside Sarah Sherman’s Clown-Filled SNL Dressing Room

You’ve never seen a room quite like this.

Sarah Sherman is taking fans into her dressing room at Saturday Night Live, revealing a space befitting the standout SNL cast member’s vibe.

Sherman, who joined the cast of SNL in 2021 and also performs under the name Sarah Squirm outside of the show, has developed a trademark surrealist comedy style with frequent elements of body horror. She’s brought that identifiable humor to SNL in sketches like “Eyes” and “Meatballs”, and has even brightened the palette of “Weekend Update” with her quirky outfits on “Sarah’s News.”

In a new video posted to his social media channels, viral apartment tour vlogger Caleb Simpson asks Sherman for a tour of her apartment. Standing outside the NBC marquee at 30 Rock, Sherman opts to give him a tour of her dressing room and office instead.

While her dressing room includes some of the typical trappings of a cast member’s space, including a cue card from her first-ever line on the show, the room is heavy on clown decor and vivid furniture. “Everything in my life does look like this…” Sherman tells Simpson. “I made my room so crazy so I don’t feel like I’m in an office.”

“Heidi [Gardner] has a really good dressing room, but I, like, went nuts,” Sherman says of the work she put into the place. “Because we basically live in here. I’m here, like, 24/7.”

Other highlights of the tour include a hamburger phone, a bouquet of eyeballs, the back eyeball prosthetic created by makeup artist Louis Zakarian from her “Anomalous Man” sketch, and a NSFW object we don’t get the full backstory on.

She also shows off the sculptures fellow cast member (and frequent target in her “Weekend Update” appearances) Colin Jost gave her for her birthday.

Sherman then offers a glimpse of the office she shares with writer Dan Bulla. It’s just as fun to play ‘I Spy’ in that room, with objects ranging from an eyeball-patterned carpet to a giant Chucky doll (Sherman memorably portrayed Chucky on SNL, and later played one of his victims on SyFy’s Chucky).

Sherman and the rest of the SNL players are currently prepping for the season finale this weekend with host Jake Gyllenhaal and musical guest Sabrina Carpenter.

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