Kamala Harris’ Delayed Kimmel Appearance Ruined Nick Offerman’s Planned Gag

Vice President Kamala Harris thwarted a bit Nick Offerman had planned when she postponed her April Jimmy Kimmel Live! appearance.

Harris was booked to sit down with Kimmel on April 16, but dropped out the day before when her trip to Los Angeles was cut short. Offerman was also a confirmed guest on Kimmel that night, and decided he wanted to create an awkward wardrobe moment between himself and Harris.

The Parks and Recreation star shared the story while hosting an FYC event for Conan O’Brien Must Go, which also took place on April 16. (A recording of the event was just released by Max.)

“I actually did an episode of Kimmel today,” Offerman revealed during his interview with O’Brien. “I was supposed to be the second guest following Vice President Kamala Harris. She had to cancel because apparently there’s some sh*t going on in the world.

“I initially was booked as first guest, then I was bumped,” Offerman continued. “They said, ‘Would you come on as second guest, because we have Vice President Harris?’ And I said, ‘I would love to. I would love to sincerely give her affection and support.’”

But Offerman wasn’t about to let the chance to have a little fun with the once-in-a-lifetime booking opportunity pass him by.

“Then I said, ‘Also, if you could find out what she’s wearing, I would love to wear the exact same outfit that she is,’” Offerman added. “So we had these double pantsuits in production, but then she had to bail.”

“Maybe she just realized it’s Kimmel,” O’Brien quipped about Harris’ decision to reschedule. (He went on to clarify that his burn was only a joke, saying “I’m friends with [Kimmel]! Those are the kind of jokes we do with each other.”)

Harris rescheduled her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! for June 4. Though she made it that time, the taping didn’t go off without a hitch. Pro-Palestinian activists reportedly had to be removed from the studio after disrupting the interview, and their supposed clash with security was caught on video.

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