Malala Agrees: Jon Stewart’s Dog Dipper Was ‘A Very Good Boy’

Malala Yousafzai has a message for Jon Stewart.

The Pakistani education activist took to X in the wake of Jon’s Stewart’s tearful eulogy for his dog Monday night to offer her condolences for the pup who once sent her running.

In his remarks, Stewart noted that Dipper, who frequently accompanied him to The Daily Show studio had met actors, authors, presidents and kings, adding that “he did what the Taliban could not do—which is, put a scare into Malala Yousafzai.”

Yousafzai was then seen in behind-the-scenes footage fearfully reacting when she saw Dipper headed her way.

Reacting to the clip, Yousafzai wrote: “I’m sorry to hear about your loss, @jonstewart. I know Dipper was a very good boy. I’ve gotten over my fear of dogs and I hope you’ll have me back to meet your next pup.”

Meanwhile, the animal shelter where Stewart adopted Dipper has received an influx in donations since being mentioned in the now-viral video. Tiffany Lacey, the executive director of Animal Haven, told TMZ that the shelter had received nearly $25,000 from over 500 new donors.

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