WATCH: Jon Stewart Tearfully Mourns His Family Dog on The Daily Show

Talk about a moment of zen.

Jon Stewart got emotional Monday night on The Daily Show, but it wasn’t the futility of peace in the Middle East (the show’s topic last night) that brought him to tears. It was his family dog, Dipper, who died Sunday.

At the close of the show, Stewart explained that he and his family adopted Dipper 13 years ago, while visiting a Manhattan animal shelter.

Haltingly, through tears, he went on to say, “in a world of good boys, he was the best,” describing Dipper as part of the show’s “OG dog crew,” waiting backstage for Stewart when he did the show. “He met actors and authors and presidents and kings,” Stewart explained, adding that “he did what the Taliban could not do–which is, put a scare into Malala Yousafzai.”

Dipper’s death apparently wasn’t unexpected. “He was ready,” Stewart said. “But I wasn’t.”

Before showing a clip of Dipper playing in the snow, Stewart said “my wish for you is [that] one day you find that dog –that one dog, that just is the best.”

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