Late Show Staff Surprises Colbert—By Dressing Like Him

Steve Carell wasn’t the only person Stephen Colbert spent his 60th birthday with. He also celebrated with… other Stephen Colberts.

In honor of the Late Show host’s big day, Colbert’s staff members all came to work Monday wearing outfits inspired by Colbert’s wardrobe—both on-air and off. (Colbert’s personal wardrobe is apparently heavy on casual button-downs, fleece jackets, and quilted vests.)

The Late Show posted clips of the antics on its Instagram account as part of the show’s behind-the-scenes series “Late Show Me More.”

The clip shows Colbert entering his morning meeting, only to realize that he’s surrounded by fashion doppelgängers. (The vest-less Colbert even notes that he almost wore a vest himself that day, but ironically couldn’t find it.)

Later, Colbert is seen celebrating with the Late Show team in the studio, where he was greeted by even more Colbert-styled staffers and presented with a birthday cake.

“When Stephen dresses down, the staff dresses up,” the show captioned the video.

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