Jon Stewart to Tackle Authoritarianism on Tonight’s Daily Show

Another Monday, another weighty topic for Jon Stewart and The Daily Show.

After taking on Israel/Palestine and the crisis on the southern border in recent weeks, Stewart is set to discuss the fragility of America’s democracy with Harvard professor Steven Levitsky.

Levitsky is the coauthor (with Daniel Ziblatt) of the New York Times bestselling book “Tyranny of the Minority: How to Reverse an Authoritarian Turn and Forge a Democracy for All.” The book draws parallels between current right-wing actions and policies and the birth of authoritarianism in other countries, urging a citizens’ movement to pressure lawmakers to act before it’s too late.

A month in, Stewart’s return to The Daily Show has continued to be a draw for Comedy Central. Not only are his episodes pulling in strong ratings, but the Tues-Thurs episodes hosted by a roating group of correspondents have also seen nearly 50% growth versus last fall.

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