Jon Stewart to Tackle Gaza on Tonight’s Daily Show With Guests Yair Rosenberg and Murtaza Hussain

Since his return to The Daily Show two weeks ago, Jon Stewart has favored journalists over celebrity guests, and that trend is set to continue tonight as he welcomes Yair Rosenberg and Murtaza Hussain to the show’s rolling chairs.

Hussain is a reporter and political commentator at The Intercept, where his work focuses on human rights, foreign policy and cultural affairs.

Rosenberg is a staff writer at The Atlantic and an MSNBC contributor. He is a regular speaker and commentator on antisemitism.

The two journalists often find themselves on different sides of the idealogical debate when it comes to the Middle East, but they are friends and have frequently appeared on each other’s podcasts.

Stewart’s Daily Show return has proven to be appointment viewing. His first two Monday episodes broke years-long linear ratings records for the series, and the following Tuesday through Thursday episodes (hosted on rotating basis by the show’s correspondants) have also seen a nice lift.

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