‘Reinvigorated’ Jon Stewart Hints at Extended Daily Show Return

Jon Stewart has (kind of) answered the question on everyone’s mind: Will he stay at The Daily Show past November?

When Stewart returned to the ship he captained from 1999 to 2015—this time in a one-night-a-week capacity—it was announced he’d be at the helm through this year’s presidential election. 

As his return was met with praise and a significant ratings rebound for the show, industry watchers and fans alike naturally wondered if Stewart might be open to extending his run at the desk past the election cycle. It seems the answer is not “no.”

In April, Stewart told a TDS audience he was still enjoying his second act at the show, telling them “I have to say, it’s been lovely… Once a week is about right—for me with people, and for people with me.”

Now he’s offered a somewhat more direct response to the question. Asked about a potential extension during a Daily Show FYC event on Friday night, The Hollywood Reporter notes that Stewart did not rule it out.

“The one thing I will say is I walked away nine years ago because I was burnt [out],” Stewart said. “And I don’t feel that right now. I feel reinvigorated.”

Stewart does seem to have energy to spare. In addition to his Monday night hosting gig, he just launched a new podcast, The Weekly Show with Jon Stewart.

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