Jon Stewart’s Weekly Show Podcast Gets Release Date, Trailer

Jon Stewart’s newly announced podcast now has a launch date—and a teaser to hold fans over until then.

The Weekly Show with Jon Stewart will release its first episode Thursday, June 6. As one might guess from the name, episodes will drop weekly, every Thursday.

“We’re going to be talking about all the things that hopefully obsess you in the same way that they obsess me,” Stewart says in a just-released trailer for the show (see bottom of this post). “The election. Economics. Earnings calls… Ingredient-to-bread ratio on sandwiches.”

It appears the podcast will feature other voices beyond Stewart’s. “Also hear from producers and friends of the show who discuss the latest headlines, what’s on their minds, and more,” the show’s official description reads.

As LateNighter previously reported, The Weekly Show seems to be utilizing the podcast feed originally created for Stewart’s Apple TV+ program, The Problem with Jon Stewart. This allows Stewart to keep all the subscribers and ratings who followed the feed during that era. (The feed currently averages 4.5 stars from 5.6k ratings on Apple Podcasts. On Spotify, it has 5.1k ratings averaging 4.4 stars.)

Originally announced earlier this month, the show will be a deeper dive into TDS-esque topics, and will be available through all major podcast outlets. 

“I know you have a lot of options as far as podcasts go,” Stewart concedes in the trailer. “But how many of them come out on Thursday?”

Listeners can subscribe to The Weekly Show now on all podcast platforms.

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