Biden Dings Fallon’s Ratings in President’s Day TikTok

Turns out even the leader of the free world follows late night TV ratings.

Joe Biden found himself the butt of quite a few jokes on the late-night shows last week after his campaign set up shop on TikTok in an effort to reach younger voters.

On Friday, Jimmy Fallon spoofed Biden recording a series of TikTok trends, including one where Fallon-as-Biden says ‘My Roman Empire is The Roman Empire – Cause I Was There.’

Proving he can dish it out as well as he can take it, today Biden responded (via TikTok, naturally) with special message for Fallon, “I’m always happy to made fun of by America’s most watched late-night host. But if Colbert won’t do it, you’re fine too, Jimmy.”

Fallon seemed to take Biden’s ribbing in stride, commenting on the post, “Honored to be on your President’s Day To Do List”

Stephen Colbert is indeed the current late-night ratings leader, although as the Biden campaign is almost certainly aware, Fallon’s Tonight Show boasts far more TikTok followers (19.7 million) than Colbert’s Late Show (967 thousand).

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