WATCH: Sydney Sweeney, Michael Longfellow Have Failed ‘Meet-Cute’ in New SNL Promo

As the star of the recent hit rom-com Anyone But You, Sydney Sweeney knows a little something about meet-cutes. As for SNL featured player Michael Longfellow? Not so much, apparently.

In a just-posted promo for her SNL hosting debut this weekend, Sweeney is seen reading a book while walking through Studio 8H when she bumps into Longfellow.

Sweeney drops her book, Kafka on the Shore, while Longfellow drops a script he’d been reading. Both apologize profusely to one another. Longfellow picks up the book for her and comments on it, calling Kafka on the Shore, “one of my favorite books of all time.”

Mood music enters the scene, the lights suddenly dim and change color as Longfellow speaks about his love for Kafka on the Shore, while staring intently at the book. Just as he’s about to pivot and ask Sweeney out, he looks up and sees she’s nearly left the studio.

Longfellow procedes to call all off the romantic music and the lights. “She said no, it didn’t work. Thank you though,” he says.

Sweeney will be joined on SNL this weekend by musical guest Kacey Musgraves.

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