WATCH: Dua Lipa Second-Guesses SNL Double Duty in New Promo

Dua Lipa might be having doubts about pulling double duty—serving as both host and musical guest—on SNL this week. At least, that’s what her just-released promo suggests.

The clip finds Dua Lipa taking in Studio 8H from home base before being approached by SNL cast member Chloe Fineman. “I was literally just working on my new impression,” Fineman says as she launches into a poor imitation of the singer-songwriter.

“That’s hilarious,” Lipa replies. “Who was it?”

Unable to help Fineman fine-tune the impression, the musician ultimately attempts a makeover that turns Fineman into a Dua Lipa doppelgänger.

“I’m really feeling the Dua spirit,” Fineman says ahead of a not-much-better impression. But it’s good enough for Dua Lipa.

“Okay, it’s close enough. You’re gonna nail it, kid,” Lipa says to a confused Fineman.

“I’m going to actually just focus on my sketches, so I thought maybe you could do the performance for me,” Lipa explains before walking off.

Dua Lipa’s SNL appearance this weekend will make her the show’s 48th host to simultaneously serve as musical guest. The most recent was Bad Bunny on this season’s October 21 episode.

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