SNL‘s Marcello Hernández Stars in New MLB Ad Campaign

A Not Ready for Primetime Player is teaming up with a different set of players in his SNL off-season.

Saturday Night Live cast member Marcello Hernández stars in a new Major League Baseball ad campaign highlighting Latine culture in baseball.

The campaign, titled “El Béisbol Es Otra Cosa”—which translates to “Baseball is Something Else”—shines a spotlight on not only baseball’s Latine stars, but also its Latine fan community.

The season-long bilingual ad campaign launched Thursday, and will run across MLB Media outlets, social platforms, and broadcast partners.

“Baseball is a sport,” Hernández explains in a 90 second launch video (above), before continuing in Spanish. “But to be honest, for us, baseball is something else.”

“Home is something you carry with you,” he continues.

The Cuban/Dominican comedian clearly has a personal passion for America’s pastime. In only his second-ever episode on SNL, he appeared on “Weekend Update” to talk about the MLB Playoffs and baseball’s Latine players.

Hernández stars alongside Puerto Rican rapper and singer Myke Towers in the new campaign.

The MLB campaign is another sign of Hernández’s rising star. He regularly outpaces his featured player counterparts in our weekly SNL screen time reports, and was tapped by Telemundo earlier this month to help underscore another initiative to reach bilingual audiences. He’s poised to be named part of the SNL’s repertory cast this September.

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