The SNL Vault Has Been Opened on Samsung TV Plus

Saturday Night Live has brought “SNL Vault,” its retrospective streaming channel, to Samsung TV Plus.

The channel features a 24-hour stream of vintage SNL sketches, pulled from a catalog of 40-plus seasons and more than 70 hours’ worth of material.

NBCUniversal introduced SNL Vault in 2023 as one of its FAST (free ad-supported streaming TV) channels, where it was made available on platforms like Amazon Freevee, The Roku Channel, and the company’s own Peacock streaming service.

Samsung TV Plus is now the latest carrier of the channel, which became available on Wednesday, June 26 on Samsung Smart TVs, Samsung Galaxy Devices, and the Samsung TV Plus website. 

While there’s plenty of crossover between SNL Vault and vintage clips you might see on YouTube or NBC’s SNL website, the difference is that SNL Vault is a curated collection of bits spanning more than 40 seasons, with someone else creating the playlist, so you never know what you’re going to get. (Or watch for the very first time.)

During a recent binge-watch, we were able to see Sarah Palin join Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler to rap on “Weekend Update” in 2008, just before a 2018 parody commercial for The Game of Life: DACA edition aired.

NBC has previously partnered with Samsung TV Plus on other channels, including NBC News Now.

Samsung TV Plus has dabbled in late-night comedy content before. Last year, it became the exclusive home of late-night star Conan O’Brien’s new retrospective FAST channel, Conan O’Brien TV.

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