SNL Almost Brought Kenan Thompson’s O.J. Simpson Back This Weekend

It got as far as dress rehearsal, but the powers that be at Saturday Night Live opted not to include a Weekend Update visit from Kenan Thompson’s O.J. Simpson on this weekend’s live show.

According to multiple tipsters who were in the audience at dress rehearsal, the segment saw Thompson-as-O.J. dressed as an angel, complete with a halo above his head, telling Colin Jost about his new life in heaven. 

As the bit progressed, it became clear that unbeknownst to him, O.J. is in hell. He described seeing great food everywhere, but it turning to dust whenever he tries to eat it. He said he was back to the physical shape he was in as a professional football player, but whenever he tries to score, he’s off by a yard and has to return to the other end of the field.

When Colin Jost suggested that it sounded like he’s actually in hell, Kenan-as-O.J. protested, asking if he’s in hell why are his lawyers there too. Another recurring joke saw Simpson repeatedly remove his infamous black leather glove, only for it to reappear on his hand.

A one-time host of Saturday Night Live himself, Simpson was played by no fewer than three SNL cast members over the years, including Tim Meadows, Finesse Mitchell, and of course  Thompson.

Thompson’s last appearance as O.J. on SNL was another visit to Weekend update just over two years ago, commenting on Will Smith’s Oscars slap:

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  1. Fard Muhammad says:

    That’s actually a pretty funny sketch idea. Wish we could have seen that, but the Caitlin Clark segment did take precedent.