Seth Meyers Has Some ‘Corrections’ for Stephen Colbert

Seth Meyers paid his first-ever visit to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Wednesday, and brought a piece of Late Night with him.

Toward the end of Meyers’ interview, Colbert shared that he’s a major fan of the Late Night host’s digital “Corrections” segment. So much so that he even has his own jackal mug, which he was quick to note he purchased himself, “Because I love this. I drink my coffee out of the jackal mug in the morning.”

Colbert explained that he’s a fan of “Corrections” for a few reasons, including “how intimate it is; I love that it’s just you and your crew… I also love how much work you put into this.”

Meyers confirmed that he is indeed not paid for “Corrections,” nor is it a sponsored segment. “I am on my own reading YouTube comments, many of which are super negative, for the purpose of doing a digital exclusive that is not generating money” Meyers shared. 

But he must have been relieved to learn that Colbert was a fan of having your ass handed to you by viewers—because it turns out that Meyers often hears about errors made by his fellow hosts, with requests to pass on that information. Which is exactly what he did for Colbert.

First up: A complaint about a World of Warcraft detail that Colbert used in a graphic. 

“I heard that [and] I flew into a rage,” Colbert deadpanned. “I almost physically attacked my graphics department.” 

“As you should,” Meyers replied. Ultimately, Colbert put the blame on the stock image site from which they had licensed the image. But did have a message for whoever pointed out the error: “My graphics department is not wrong, they are lazy.”

After confirming with Meyers that he had the “spirit” of “Corrections” right with that response, Colbert really channeled his inner Seth with his next retort. 

The complaint? “On Tuesday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert joked about the NTSB releasing a report on the Hindenburg airship disaster,” Meyers read. “But the Hindenburg exploded in 1937 and the NTSB wasn’t established until 1967.”

“Oh, I have an answer for this one,” said an enthusiastic Colbert. “Go f**k yourself. It’s a joke.”

“Now you’ve really got the spirit,” Meyers confirmed.

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