Ryan Gosling Can’t Quit the Cowboy Hat in New SNL Promo

His turn role as Ken in “Barbie” might be behind him, but Ryan Gosling isn’t ready to leave cowboy hats behind.

In the just-released promo for this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live—hosted by Gosling with musical guest Chris Stapleton—the actor shows his starstruck side.

The promo opens with Gosling wearing a Stapleton t-shirt, nervously rehearsing ways to introduce himself to the musician outside his dressing room.

He tries out a few options — “Mr. Stapleton? Big fan. Love your music”, “Yo Chris. One for the ‘gram?” — before landing on the coolest option:  “Master Stapleton, ’tis I, Sir Gosling.”

But Gosling enters the dressing room to find it empty, save for Stapleton’s hat. Awestruck, Gosling can’t stop himself from trying on the crown. He tries it on as Stapleton’s song “White Horse” kicks in.

Saturday will be Gosling’s third time hosting SNL, and Stapleton’s third as musical guest. Gosling’s last appearance was a while back, in 2017.

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