Larry David Did a Very Larry David Thing to Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel had a bone to pick with Larry David, and finally got the chance to confront the Curb Your Enthusiasm creator/star about it.

David was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night—in a sit-down that was originally scheduled to happen on Monday, March 11, the day after Kimmel hosted the Oscars. That interview never happened as, according to David’s publicity team, the comedian was still reeling from the death of his close friend and co-star Richard Lewis, who sadly passed away in late February. Kimmel understood… until a very “Larry David” thing happened. Which the host confronted him about. 

Kimmel waited until the very end of their interview to say he had “a somewhat uncomfortable question to ask you,” which didn’t seem to surprise David.

“So I hosted the Oscars on Sunday [March 10], and on Monday you were our guest. And we like to have a great guest on Monday night after the Oscars because it’s a big audience coming in,” Kimmel explained. 

Kimmel was thrilled to have David set as that night’s big draw, but said he “totally understood” when the Seinfeld co-creator ultimately opted out of the appearance as he was still mourning the loss of Lewis, with whom Kimmel was also friends. But here’s where the situation turned straight into a Curb storyline. 

“I hosted the Oscars on Sunday, and I went to a party after the Oscars,” Kimmel revealed. “And who did I run into at that party—smiling broadly, I might add—but Mr. Larry David.”

David couldn’t help but laugh at being called out on national television, and offered up an explanation that fans of the so-called “social assassin” probably saw coming.

“I used the death of my best friend to get out of doing a show I didn’t want to do in the first place,” David plainly stated. “It’s very simple.”

“I would expect nothing less,” replied an equally honest, and genuinely amused, Kimmel.

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