Comedy Central Announces New Jon Stewart Podcast

One weekly show for Jon Stewart just isn’t enough.

In addition to his once-a-week gig on The Daily Show, Stewart has signed on to host a new podcast for Comedy Central, The Weekly Show.

Deadline reports that Stewart’s show will be a deeper dive into TDS-esque topics, and will be available through all major podcast outlets. 

Like The Daily Show, the podcast will feature interviews with “newsmakers, authors, and celebrities,” and will see the host discussing “the most critical topics across current events.”

Notably, The Weekly Show differs from The Daily Show’s own podcast, The Daily Show: Ears Edition. While a feed for The Weekly Show has not yet been announced, it appears that Stewart may utilize the existing podcast feed from his Apple TV+ series The Problem with Jon Stewart for this new show. That feed, which still retains its old subscribers, was cleared of its past content but posted a trailer in February in which Stewart told listeners, “Please stay tuned to this feed for what is going to be the next iteration of my podcast.”

“When is it coming?” Stewart continued in the trailer. “Why are you nagging me?!”

Now there’s an answer to that question. The Weekly Show with Jon Stewart is set to premiere in June.

The Weekly Show will be produced by Paramount Audio, in association with Stewart’s Busboy Productions.

“After much reflection, meditation, and prayer, I have decided to extend my work week to two days,” Stewart joked in a statement.

Paramount is clearly thrilled to be working with Stewart on another project. Chris McCarthy, Paramount Global Office of the CEO and President/CEO, SHOWTIME & MTV Entertainment Studios, called Stewart’s TDS return “a runway success” and deemed the host “the voice of our generation and so critical to the national conversation.”

Stewart returned to The Daily Show in February as Monday-night host and executive producer. In the wake of his return, the show has seen a significant ratings bump.

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