Jon Stewart to Tackle Trump Verdict With Ex-GOP Head

Monday means Jon Stewart at The Daily Show—but this week just hits a little different. That’s because it’s the first time viewers will hear Stewart’s official reaction to Donald Trump being found guilty of a whopping 34 felony counts in his hush money trial. 

When the Trump trial first kicked off in April, Stewart very publicly bemoaned the breathless media coverage being given to the former president’s every movement to and from the Lower Manhattan courthouse. “Are we gonna follow this guy to court every f**king day?,” he asked on the April 22 edition of The Daily Show. “Are you trying to make this O.J.? It’s not a chase, he’s commuting.”

Stewart’s point, of course, was that the only real breaking news we needed to hear was when something interesting actually happened. And something tells us that he’ll have at least 34 interesting points to make on tonight’s episode regarding the presumptive Republican nominee for president. 

Making the conversation even more interesting is that he’ll be joined by Ken Buck, the former Colorado congressman who retired his seat in March. Buck, who served as the chair of the Colorado Republican party from 2019 to 2021 and is part of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, has made some waves (read: enemies) within his own party for regularly breaking with them on some pretty major issues. And while he announced in late 2023 that he’d be leaving his job at the end of this year, he surprised everyone earlier this year when he abruptly announced that he’d be ditching Congress the following week (further shrinking the GOP’s already-thin majority).

When asked about why he was cutting his tenure much shorter than expected, Buck didn’t mince words: “This place just keeps going downhill.” Which sounds like a great place of agreement from which Stewart can build a conversation. 

When Stewart is done for the night, he’ll hand over the rest of the week’s hosting duties to Ronny Chieng. This will mark Chieng’s second time sitting solo behind the desk this year; he previously took over hosting duties the week of March 4 then co-hosted with fellow correspondent Jordan Klepper beginning April 23.

The Daily Show airs at 11 p.m. ET/PT Monday through Thursday on Comedy Central.

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