Jimmy Kimmel Is Dark This Week, Other Late Night Hosts Return

Alongside Jimmy Fallon, he was one of only two late-night hosts who kept the lights on last week, but now it’s Jimmy Kimmel’s turn to take a break. His show will be in repeats all week.

Returning from vacation tonight are Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, Taylor Tomlinson, and Jon Stewart at the Daily Show.

With the NCAA regional semifinals airing on CBS Thursday night, Colbert and Tomlinson will see their time slots pushed back and will both air repeats that night. (Same for Friday, although both shows typically air repeats on Fridays anyway.)

Also taking the week off is Andy Cohen. Rather than showing repeats, Watch What Happens will be pre-empted with repeat episodes of the cable network’s usual reality fare.

Both Kimmel and Cohen are expected to be back in their respective chairs next week.

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