Dollars to Donuts: Please Don’t Destroy Partners With Dunkin’

SNL’s resident comedy troupe is brewing up some content in the off-season. Viral video stalwarts Please Don’t Destroy have teamed up with international coffee chain Dunkin’ for a new video on social media.

In the sketch, PDD’s John Higgins awakens to find an unexpected commotion in the apartment he’s sharing with Ben Marshall and Martin Herlihy: a full-on Dunkin’ outpost, complete with staff members serving up coffee.

“My roommates got a new coffee machine,” the caption reads on their Instagram video, which was co-posted to the pages of Please Don’t Destroy and Dunkin’.

In true PDD style, the jokes come up at a rapid pace from there—but a summary might include a bathroom key, construction workers, confusing cabinets for ovens, and a surprising career change for Higgins.

The partnership with Dunkin’ seems to be Please Don’t Destroy’s first independent brand partnership.

The sketch evokes the videos that first put the group on the map. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they often went viral on Twitter and TikTok with absurd sketches set entirely in their apartment.

The trio went on to join Saturday Night Live in 2021 as writers, though they maintain an on-screenpresence with their pre-taped shorts.

In 2023, they co-wrote and starred in their first feature film, the Judd Apatow-produced Please Don’t Destroy: The Treasure of Foggy Mountain, for Peacock. It featured Conan O’Brien and fellow SNLer Bowen Yang.

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