Arby’s Still Loves Being Insulted By Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart may only be hosting The Daily Show once a week, but when it comes to his beef with Arby’s, he’s all in.

Stewart has a long history of making Arby’s the butt of his jokes, dating back to his original tenure on The Daily Show. Where other brands might have sent “cease and desist” letters, Arby’s lapped up the free publicity, and ultimately took out ads on the show in response.  (Back when Stewart announced his retirement from TDS in 2015, the sandwich chain even offered him a job.)

Now that Stewart is back hosting The Daily Show, it was probably only a matter of time before Arby’s would come up. This time, though, Jimmy Kimmel was the instigator.

Monday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! featured a pre-taped bit in which Kimmel picked up a hitchhiking Stewart and drove him to an Arby’s location in Hollywood. (Kimmel teased the appearance ahead of the show by posting a photo of the two late-night hosts outside the Arby’s to Instagram.)

“I don’t want to [go here], but there is something that draws me here,” Stewart told Kimmel before taking a harder swing. “Have you guys ever heard of a diarrhea factory?”

Kimmel defended the chain, revealing that he’d had Arby’s cater his 30th birthday.

Now Arby’s is responding to Stewart and Kimmel’s visit… by paying tribute to the duo. The Hollywood location’s readerboard has swapped out its message advertising “classic roast beef” with “Jon and Jimmy were here.” Arby’s shared an image of the sign on Instagram and X, tagging the hosts alongside a caption that declared “This is now a historic landmark…”

It took Stewart barely fifteen minutes to respond, reposting their image of this “landmark” and christening it “Mount Poopmore.” 

“Perhaps we should put your face on Mount Poopmore?,” Arby’s replied.

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