Jimmy Kimmel Teases Surprise Jon Stewart Appearance on JKL Tonight

First on LateNighter: Jon Stewart won’t be on The Daily Show tonight, but you just might see him on two others.

Stewart was already set to appear tonight on John Mulaney Presents Everybody’s in L.A., the six-episode talk show streaming live on Netflix all this week. 

But if Jimmy Kimmel’s latest Instagram post is any indication, it seems the Daily Show host may also be dropping by Jimmy Kimmel Live!

“Ran into a stranger this morning,” Kimmel captioned an Instagram photo of himself with Stewart. “Invited him on the show tonight.”The pair are pictured outside an Arby’s—the fast-food chain Stewart has had a, uh, beef with for years.

Stewart, who usually hosts The Daily Show in New York on Monday nights, is in Los Angeles following an appearance at the Netflix Is a Joke comedy festival this past weekend. (He’ll host TDS on Thursday this week instead.)

It is indeed possible for Stewart to tape both appearances today. Kimmel tapes his program around 4:30pm PT, while Mulaney’s will broadcast live at 7pm PT.

In addition to Stewart, Mulaney’s lineup tonight includes Gabriel Iglesias, Mae Martin, and Warren G, while Kimmel will also welcome Mike Birbiglia and Luke Bryan. 

(Perhaps Stewart can set up a joke on one show, and deliver the punchline on the next, as Carson did with Letterman almost 40 years ago.)

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