SNL Stories – Bobby Moynihan Interview

Welcome to SNL Stories, the Saturday Night Network’s podcast series where we catch up with SNL alumni from all eras of the show.

Our guest today is Bobby Moynihan, who was a Saturday Night Live cast member from 2008-2017. In this podcast, Bobby joins us once again to discuss more of his iconic sketches and moments from his storied career at the show. Our first interview with Bobby from 2022 is available on Youtube here.

To watch the episode, click the YouTube embed above. The audio version of this episode is also available on Apple PodcastsSpotify, and other fine podcast platforms.

Meet your hosts:

Jon Schneider is the main host of the Saturday Night Network. Jon has seen every episode of Saturday Night Live going back to 1975 and loves discussing how new episodes affect the legacy of the show. His favorite SNL cast member of all time is Will Forte.

James Stephens is a producer for the Saturday Night Network and a long-time SNL memorabilia collector. He has been podcasting with the Saturday Night Network since 2020.

Andrew Haskell is a standup comedian and huge Boston sports fan. He has been a regular panelist on the Saturday Night Network since 2020.

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