WATCH: Ryan Gosling Wows In Stunt-Tastic Jimmy Kimmel Live! Entrance

As we’ve come to learn over the last few months, Ryan Gosling is nothing if not game. He demonstrated that yet again Wednesday night, when the three-time Oscar nominee paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live!

After Kimmel introduced Gosling as “a man from Canada who played Ken and got nominated for an Oscar for it” and the star of “the new rom-action comedy The Fall Guy,” the camera cut to Gosling emerging from his dressing room. As the actor made his way to the stage, he came under attack by a seemingly endless line of baddies who tried to take him out with everything from a baseball bat to their bare hands. 

For his part, Gosling didn’t miss a beat. After taking out one attacker with his coffee cup and smashing another against a wall, the Barbie star even made some time to stop by fellow guest Jeff Ross’ dressing room and say hello, get a little razzed about his “late summer peach” colored suit, and borrow the comedian’s lamp—which he then proceeded to smash over another assailant’s head as he made the short journey to the stage. 

But Gosling wasn’t about to step in front of the audience looking disheveled. After calling for “makeup!” and asking “Do I look cool?,” he made his way through the studio doors—but his attackers weren’t done yet. Fortunately, with the help of Guillermo Rodriguez, Kimmel’s parking lot security guard-turned-sidekick, the dynamic duo were able to “Finish him!” (Gosling’s words) Karate Kid-style. 

Gosling’s over-the-top entrance, of course, was all in service of his new stunt-themed movie, The Fall Guy, which comes out on Friday. The film is receiving generally positive reviews so far, but Gosling has been getting even bigger raves for his work publicizing the movie. The night before his Kimmel appearance, Gosling reunited with Saturday Night Live’s Mikey Day to appear on the red carpet of the movie’s premiere as Beavis and Butt-Head. 

The pair have set all sorts of SNL records for their recent sketch from the April 13 episode of SNL, which Gosling hosted. Including setting a record for the most-watched Saturday Night Live episode (ever) on Peacock.

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