WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Mocks ‘Preposterous’ George Santos Cameo Lawsuit

Jimmy Kimmel must have been champing at the bit over the three-day weekend waiting to respond to news that George Santos is suing the late night host for, of all things, fraud.

The ABC late-night host wasted no time addressing the flap on his show Tuesday night, opening his monologue by asking if anyone in the audience had also been sued by Santos over the weekend.

Santos filed a complaint against Kimmel, ABC, and Disney Saturday morning, alleging that Kimmel misrepresented himself when he commissioned over a dozen Cameo videos from the disgraced congressman in December.

In response, Kimmel quipped “if there’s one thing George Santos will not stand for, it’s using a fake name under false pretenses.”

He went on to describe the case as “maybe the most preposterous lawsuit of all time,” joking that Santos, who himself was expelled from congress for fraudulent schemes and brazen misrepresentations, was being represented by “the prestigious law firm of Pot, Kettle, and Black.”

Santos is suing Kimmel for $750,000 in damages. The late-night host previously rebuffed the disgraced former congressman’s demand that he pay him $20,000 for airing the clips on his show.

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