Travis Scott Performances Cut From SNL’s UK Broadcast

UK viewers tuning in hoping to see Travis Scott perform this weekend on Saturday Night Live were left disappointed when the rap star’s two performances were removed from the show’s broadcast.

Saturday Night Live doesn’t air live across the pond (if it did, it would air at 4:30 in the morning). Instead, it airs Sunday nights on Britain’s Sky Comedy channel.

While Sky Comedy typically carries the 90 minute show in its entirety, Sunday’s broadcast ran nine minutes short, with Travis Scott’s performances of of “My Eyes” and “Fe!n” from his Grammy-nominated fourth studio album, “Utopia” missing.

Both performances (as well as Scott’s guest appearance in the Please Don’t Destroy short “We Got Too High”) are still available to stream on YouTube in the UK.

It wasn’t immediately clear why Scott’s segments were excised from the broadcast, although international music licensing costs seem most likely to blame (even though larger musical acts like Taylor Swift and Foo Fighters have seen their segments air intact).

SNL may be an American institution, but aparently it’s not one that’s translated all that well to British viewers. For many years the show didn’t air in the UK at all, but in 2020 it began airing Sunday nights on Sky Comedy.

A year later came reports that Sky was working with SNL staffers on a British version of the series. (The series has previously launched international editions in China, Germany, Italy and South Korea.) The UK edition of the series never did launch.

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