The Internet Is Demanding SNL Parody Katie Britt. Will the Show Comply?

Some moments in the news scream out loud to be satirized; the Republican response to the State of the Union reached shrieking decibels on social media after Alabama Senator Katie Britt’s address from her spotless kitchen Thursday night.

Will these concerted cries reach the ears of Lorne Michaels at Saturday Night Live?

Seems unimaginable that they won’t, though it doesn’t mean the show’s creator/executive producer will necessarily leap to comply. Michaels makes decisions based on his own instincts, not the expectations of anyone else.

That said, he also knows what’s funny, and Britt’s theatrically earnest/horror-movie frightening delivery has already inspired massive mockery. And even some amateur impressions, with several women donning green blouses and jeans and projecting creepy sincerity in front of their stove and cabinets.

X, the site formerly known as Twitter, was awash with cries Friday for SNL to open Saturday night’s show (fortuitously there’s a new edition this week) with some version of Britt’s kitchen debacle.

The New York congressman, Ritchie Torres tweeted: “Who is going to play Katie Britt on SNL?”

Washington Post columnist Karen Tumulty: “SNL is going to have to bring back Kristen Wiig to capture this one.”

Atlantic writer Tom Nichols: “There is no way that this Katie Britt address does not end up as part of the SNL cold open.

Former Cleveland news anchor Ed Greenberger offered a video of street riots labeling it: “Live feed of all the women in SNL’s cast discussing who’s going to play Katie Britt in Saturday’s cold open.”

In the past, Michaels has occasionally been guided by public demand—Tina Fey coming back as Sarah Palin comes to mind. Betty White as host, too.

But it may depend on whether the show can come up with something that will play even funnier than the real thing. That may be a challenge.


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  1. Sam says:

    Pls pls dear God, listen to our SNL cold opening prays.

  2. Jason smith says:

    Please do a Katie Britt parody of her State of the Union rebuttal but make sure you put her in an Auburn University apron in her kitchen!! She was SGA President at the University of Alabama and a Chi Omega. She will love it! Only Saban could have saved that crazy speech. I am ready to move to the EU.

  3. Sonya silva says:

    Oh please do a skit. You just have to!