T.T. and Mario Return in SNL Cut For Time Sketch

Maya Rudolph and Kenan Thompson reprised two characters they first performed on Saturday Night Live nearly 20 years ago in a cut-for-time sketch from this week’s episode.

It was back in 2005 that SNL viewers were first introduced to ’70s soul singers T.T. and Mario in a commercial parody for a greatest hits compilation featuring the musical duo singing about weirdly explicit sex acts.

In the new sketch, which was performed at Saturday night’s dress rehearsal and posted to SNL‘s YouTube channel early Sunday morning, the duo is still at it two decades later, although the tone of their songs would seem to befit the lifestyle of a now long-married couple.

“I spent all day cooking for you, a sexy home-cooked meal,” Mario sings. “Beef enchiladas, Lamb Vindaloo and a giant loaf of sourdough.”

“Thank you for the delicious food. It really shows you care,” responds T.T. “But out of respect let’s hold off on sex, ’cause I’m gonna take a nap on the toilet.”

Other songs in T.T. and Mario’s new CD, titled “Married Too Long,” include “Fell Asleep During Foreplay,” “Can You Shower First?” and “The Kids are Still Awake.”

Though it’s been 19 years since T.T. and Mario last appeared on SNL, Rudolph and Thompson briefly reprised the two characters on Late Night With Seth Meyers in 2016, when they sang two songs in honor of the birth of Seth Meyers’ first child: “Booty so Right” and “Snip the Tip.”

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